Board of Directors

Zehra Çataltepe
Founding Member

Prof. Dr. Zehra Çataltepe

Prof. Zehra Cataltepe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tazi, one of four worldwide Gartner “Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies” (May 2019). At Tazi, her aim is to help transform Machine Learning into a technology that can be used easily and useful for everyone.

After she got her Ph.D. from Caltech in Computer Science, Zehra worked at Bell Labs and Siemens Corporate Research. In academia, she has been teaching graduate level Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition courses to tens of students each year and has supervised 6 Ph.D. and 21 M.Sc. theses.

She has 18 patents and over 100 publications on theory of machine learning and its applications in finance, health, energy and transportation. 

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