About Us

Artificial Intelligence and Technology Association, a society and economy based on the data to bring together all actors and components of artificial intelligence ecosystem in Turkey, which aims to create the most efficient operation, which is in the top position in the field and is a non-governmental organization volunteers.

Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem in Turkey

Start-Ups and Investors, Industry, Universities, Technology, Content and Data Providers, Employees in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Those who have studied in this Field, Print - Publication,
Communication Sector, Law Enforcement

Our Mission
To ensure that Turkey is among the few countries that are creative and productive in the field of artificial intelligence and that shape the future in this field.

Our Vision
To continue our pioneering work in Turkey and an example in the world in line with realizing our mission.

To make Turkey a creative and productive country in the field of artificial intelligence (AI);

  • To transfer information about artificial intelligence (AI) in Turkey,
  • To raise the awareness of Turkish people about artificial intelligence and to raise awareness in the field of artificial intelligence,
  • Increasing the interaction between local and global artificial intelligence communities,
  • To ensure that the leading countries of the world to share knowledge and work well in Turkey,
  • To ensure global artificial intelligence ecosystem in disclosed in the Turkey all kind of go through the right process of artificial intelligence studies, active worldwide and transformed into value-added systems, to meet with investors, the branding of products resulting, leading companies of leadership and the growth and development with mentoring,
  • To encourage those operating in the field of artificial intelligence to become a member of YZTD,
  • To cooperate with official or private institutions and organizations operating in the field of artificial intelligence,
  • To provide the necessary conditions and contributions for children and young people to pursue a career in this field,
  • To support university meetings, academic studies and research centers,
  • To provide networking opportunities, mentoring and consultancy matching,
  • We continue to engage in many different activities, including conferences, meetups, organizing seasonal competitions and more.

Our Corporate Members and Supporting Organizations

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