Board of Directors

Hakkı Karakaş
Board Member

Prof. Dr. Hakkı M. Karakaş

Prof. Hakki Muammer Karakas, MD., is a global opinion leader in high performance imaging services, healthcare digitalization and advanced imaging technologies. He is the chief executive of Public Imaging Services for Istanbul Province. Under his authority almost one percent of world’s radiological services are being performed. He is the Chairman of Radiology at FSM Research and Training Hospital, Istanbul, professor of radiology and interventional radiology at Health Sciences University of Turkey and translational cognitive neuroscientist with strong tract record. He serves to many national, foreign and global public bodies and corporations as an expert and/or advisor.

He is a nonvascular interventional radiologist with an in-depth expertise on advanced ultrasound applications -including fusion imaging, elastography and slow motion Doppler imaging, and on advanced MRI and EEG applications. He has worked as a neuroscientist at Bonn University, Germany and at Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council. 

He has over 500 scientific publications/presentations and over 2300 scientific citations. He received 19 national and international awards for outstanding scientific research and technological R&D, among which European Society of Neuroradiology Award for his contribution to the development of multimodal EEG/ERP-MRI technology. 

He has served in various academic, public and private institutions as physician and/or administrator. He has in-depth knowledge on quality management, high performance healthcare organizations, private finance initiatives, healthcare architecture, medical and healthcare information technologies. 

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