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Kemal Altug Ozgun
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Kemal Altuğ Özgün

Kemal Altuğ Özgün is a legal and compliance professional with more than 16 years’ experience. He started his career as a practicing lawyer in Özgun law firm and then continued as in-house counsel in multinational organizations. He served as Legal Counsel and a Board member in Eastpharma (Deva Holding) then moved to medical devices sector in Beckman Coulter (a Danaher company) where he worked as Legal & Compliance Manager.

Altuğ continued his career as Head of Legal & Compliance at Sandoz (a Novartis division) where he focused primarily on legal department management, building, and fostering the ethical culture and compliance program. Later he decided to concentrate more on compliance and worked as an Ethics & Compliance Director in Astellas Pharma; a Japanese R&D pharmaceutical company where he recently joined Cetinkaya from. After a long and solid in-house experience, Altuğ accepted this new challenge to work in a dynamic and client focused environment and work in the legal sector to level the playing field for ethics and compliance. 

His practice focuses on third party risk management, company law, labour law, healthcare regulations, anti-corruption law, employment law, white-collar crime, litigation, data privacy law, compliance, and competition law matters. He is a graduate of Marmara University and holds an LL.M. from Marmara University European Union Law Institute. He is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association and a board member of the Ethics & Reputation Society, where he also lectures Turkey’s first and only "Ethics and Compliance Manager Certificate Program" for the eighth time, targeted to professionals from the Turkish business network.

Published Articles/Presentations
- Dijital Ethics, the concept of ethics by design in AI, IoT and Robotics
- Child Labor in Turkey & The Need for Human Rights Due Diligence for Corporations
- What Is The Turkish Competition Authority's Approach To Competition Compliance Programs?
- Employment Law Series: 02 Basic Definitions Of Labor Law To Consider Before Entering Into An Employment Relationship
- Compliance Series: E 03 Whistleblowing 
- Compliance Series: E 02 Conflict Of Interest | Cetinkaya On Air Podcasts
- Business & Human Rights Series: 02 An Overview Of Turkish Legal Framework
- 7 Deadly Sins To Avoid When Conducting Internal Investigations
- 5 Inevitable Contract Clauses That Mitigate Third-Party Risk
- Compliance Series: E 01 An Introduction To Compliance And Business Ethics
- Why Third-Party Risk Management Matters In Compliance
- What Do The New Turkish Presidential Decrees Say About Employment Agreements During The Pandemic?
- Amendments Made To The Medical Device Sales, Advertising And Promotion Regulation By The Turkish Authority
- The Turkish Competition Authority Issues Guidance For On-Site Digital Data Inspections
- When Things Move In Opposite Directions: Reverse Mobbing & Turkish Law Analysis
- Why Do White-Collars Get Dirty?
- The ‘Right To Be Forgotten': A Comparison Between GDPR vs. Turkish Data Protection Law
- Turkey & Anti-Bribery Compliance A Historical Comparative Legislation Analysis
- İşyerinde mobbing ve ve mobbingin hukuki değerlendirmesi.
- FCPA ve Türk hukukunda şikayetçi (Whistleblower) ödül sistemleri.
- Yeni Fransız yolsuzlukla mücadele yasası “Loi Sapin II.”
- Çıkar Çatışmalarının etkin yönetimi ve uyum programları.
- FCPA ve yolsuzlukla elde edilen karların iadesi (disgorgement)
- Etik ve Uyum ile Kazanmak; Etik ve Uyumun rekabet avantajı olarak kullanılması.
- Uyum kurallarının şirket içi iletişimi ve uyum yöneticisin rolü
- Etik liderlik ve üst yönetim desteği ile etik kültür oluşturmak.
- İş yerinde uyum ihlalleri ve iş Kanunu ve ceza hukuku kapsamında yeri.
- Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Uyum Programları.
- Etkin bir uyum programı için araçlar: risklerin değerlendirilmesi ve iç kontroller
- Yolsuzlukla mücadele düzenlemelerine genel bakış: ABD, İngiltere, AB, Brezilya ve Türkiye karşılaştırması.
- Etkin iç şikâyet sistemi vasıtasıyla şirket içinde dile getirme kültürü oluşturmak.
- Üçüncü taraf uyum riskleri ve bu risklerin yönetilmesi.
- İhracat kontrolleri ve ekonomik yaptırımlara dair uyum programları.
- İnsan Hakları Uyum Programları

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