Board of Directors

Fatih Çağlıyan
Founding Member

Fatih Çağlıyan

Fatih Çağlıyan was born in 1973 in Karaman, and graduated from Bursa Anatolian High School in 1992, from Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Mechanical Engineering in 1998 and from York University-Executive MBA-Finance in 2019.

Started his career in 1999, Tofaş Production, Engineering, Quality management in project areas have been found in Turkey and Italy Fiat factory. 

He participated in the work representing the fields of Production and Industrialization in the PSA and Fiat Common vehicle Project in Italy. 

In 2017, he won the Most Successful Tofaş People award in the category of innovative stars.

In Kıraça Holding, between 2011-2015, Sirena Marine Inc. Has worked as a Production Manager, Engineering Directorate of the task, for the first time in Turkey mass production boat / yacht was involved at the beginning of the manufacture have made a group.

He worked as Factory Manager and Engineering Director in 2015-2020 Mefa Endustri AS. 

He has been working as Operation Director since 2020 at Sözal Kimya A.Ş.

He continues his individual works and memberships in working groups and committees of associations such as TKYD, KALDER, TIDE. 

He continues, his studies and activities on Industry 4.0, Operational Excellence, Automation, Automatic control applications, Innovation and Business mentoring. 

Fatih Çağlıyan is married and has a child. He speaks English, Italian and German.

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